Vendor Independent

With the introduction of many different SCADA, RTU and PLC vendors into the Industrial Automation industry it is important to deal with companies that are able to integrate all the different SCADA and telemetry systems which assures the client that the technology used is based on the requirements of the client, and not the specification of a particular vendors product. Having been in operation since 1986, Radtel engineering originally delivered proprietry technologies to their clients but nowadays we work with all the major vendors including Schneider Electric, Omron, Brodersen and Allen Bradley. We have recently made the Radtel proprietry protocol available on a number of products including Schneider’s ClearSCADA, Miri’s RD2006 RTU and the Brodersen Range of RTU products – with more to be made available in the future and thus ensuring that all our clients have real choice when selecting SCADA and telemetry products.

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