Radtel Brisbane Relocating

Radtel Brisbane Engineering and Sales┬áteam are in the process of moving office. The move has been decided in an effort to better meet the needs of the┬ábusiness in terms of location and office facilities. You will be able to find the Radtel Engineering team in Brisbane at the following address from March 11. Unit 1, […]

Radtel Engineering August 2012 Newsletter

After Dave and Steve have spent a great deal of time travelling around over recent months they have produced another Newsetter, with a great photo of them in travelling mode!   Highlights from our August 2012 Newsletter include some helpful tips for maintenance and antenna installations as well as some observations from the guys travelling […]

Radtel Engineering June 2012 Newsletter

Highlights from our June 2012 newsletter include introducing new staff to Radtel Engineering. Our new automation consultant Steve Davey started with Radtel Engineering on 1 May to work alongside David Cundell in our Queensland office. They both service our full customer base from Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland. Steve has a varied background both […]