Progressive Upgrades Program

In 2006, Radtel went out to the marketplace and invited clients to provide feedback on where they would like to see the existing Radtel systems evolving and what was needed from their SCADA and telemetry systems in the future. The overwhelming response from industry and clients was that they needed to move towards open, non-proprietary systems that are able to communicate open protocols such as DNP3 and that they wanted to work with a larger engineering organisation that did not rely on a few key people. Since 2006 we have worked to evolve Radtel into that larger engineering company and particularly into a vendor independent SCADA and telemetry engineering company capable of delivering best practice engineering and system support, however, in doing so we have not forgotten the large amount of customers who need a path from the existing, proprietary systems through to the latest technology.

While Radtel has had a transformation into a mature engineering Company we have also worked with Miri technologies to develop and certify the RDCMP protocol on the Miri product, thus allowing existing clients to slowly replace the 3000, 5000 and 8000 RTU platforms with an off the shelf unit capable of communicating with DNP3 across analog and digital networks as well as IP networks. Please see the RD2006 RTU here.

At the same time, and having seen the industry move towards ClearSCADA in recent years, Radtel has developed a certified solution for ClearSCADA to communicate RDCMP to all 3000, 5000, 8000 and RD2006 RTU’s which means whether you choose to start from the SCADA host end or the hardware end Radtel has a progressive upgrades program that will take our customers on the path to open and off the shelf products communicating with DNP3.