Mid Coast Water – Integrated Switchboard

Mid Coast Water is responsible for Sewerage assets covering the areas of Taree, Forster, Tuncurry, Stroud, Hawks Nest, Tea Gardens, Nabiac and Buledelah on the NSW Mid North Coast. Mid Coast Water has around 300 Radtel telemetry units ranging from 5000 Series units that have been operating for nearly twenty years through to the latest 8000 Series units and Omron PLC’s.


Mid Coast Water Integrated SwitchboardThe objective of the Mid Coast Water Integrated Switchboard project was to design a switchboard that was integrated with RTU (Remote Terminal Unit), PLC (Programmable Logic Controller), Radio, Soft Starter and Antenna Equipment. By integrating all this into one Electrical Switchboard the cost of purchasing can be significantly reduced and Radtel’s on-site engineering is not required as the Sewerage pump station template can be used for all new sites.

Equipment Used

Mid Coast Water Integrated Switchboard

  • Allen Bradley Soft Starters (Modbus Slave)
  • Omron CJ Series PLC (Modbus Master)
  • 8000 Series RTU and TAIT TM8000 19.2k Data Radio including Power Supply and Battery Backing for RTU and PLC
    Omron NS5 Touch Screen
  • Stainless Steel Enclosure and associated Electrical including Auto/Off/Manual Switches


  1. Integrate the PLC, Touch Screen and Soft Starters using Modbus communications to allow all data to be transferred to the Screen and the Master Station SCADA.
  2. Design the board with a Colour Touch Screen for Local Control adjustment of Start/Stop setpoints but include Manual override in case of PLC/Touch Screen Failure.
  3. Design a Standard PLC Program, Touch Screen and SCADA interface that will allow for integration with drives from 5kW up to 60kW.


The integration of this Switchboard was very successful with the PLC Program Design, Touch Screen design and Soft Starter interface going so well that no Radtel engineers were required on site, even for the first installation. The board was installed by Mid Coast Water staff and the SCADA Template remotely activated by Radtel, significantly reducing the overall cost of the board. More Mid Coast Water boards are currently being constructed for delivery early 2008.