Mackay Water – Network Upgrades

Mackay Water is responsible for Water and Sewerage assets covering the areas of Mackay, Pioneer Valley and Sarina on the Queensland Coast. Mackay Water has around 300 telemetry units in their system engineered by Radtel and ranging from 3000 and 5000 Series Radtel telemetry units though to 8000 and SCADAPack RTU equipment.


Mackay Water is going about transforming their system from a legacy based RTU and SCADA system to the latest technology in RTU, Communications and SCADA software. Throughout the process Mackay Water has sought to use the best technology for the application and not be drawn into having to standardise on one brand of RTU or Communications Technology.

Equipment Used

  • Trio EB base and ER Radio Equipment
  • ClearSCADA Software
  • Viper Base and Radio Equipment
  • SCADAPack RTU Hardware


  1. Select and install and appropriate backbone for the Mackay area. Given the speed requirements and desire to modify speed depending on the quality of the path, the Viper Radio product was installed. The Viper Radio, being a true IP Radio platform has given Mackay the capability to add any RTU product including the existing 8000 and SCADAPack units.
  2. Gradual changeover from existing Analog network to the new Digital network and latest RTU hardware over time and as budget permits.
  3. Alongside this backbone installation has been the full replacement of the Pioneer Valley Telemetry units which Mackay Water elected to complete in one project. This project will see the installation of Trio Base and Radios along with SCADAPack RTU hardware to replace the unsupported existing telemetry hardware.


With these projects nearing completion Mackay Water is now vendor independent and whilst Radtel continues to support their system from the older RTU units right through to the latest SCADAPack units Mackay is free to choose the RTU for their next site based on the best fit and ensure they keep up with the latest technology and best practice engineering.