Gladstone Area Water Board – SCADA upgrade

Gladstone Area Water Board (GAWB)Gladstone Area Water Board (GAWB) is responsible for Water supply to Gladstone City Council and various industry in and around Gladstone, Queensland. GAWBs assets include treatment plants, pumping stations and reservoirs across a wide area with particularly challenging communications paths and in many areas no access to public communications networks.


Gladstone Area Water BoardThe objective of the GAWB SCADA upgrade project was to replace the ageing equipment used on GAWB assets with latest technology equipment integrated using best practice engineering and integration techniques that would allow more accurate monitoring of flow data to meet GAWB customer billing requirements. GAWB also needed a system that would allow remote monitoring of significant infrastructure at the Dam along with clustered Citect machines at various treatment plants.

Equipment Used


  • Trio E Series Duplicated Repeater Equipment and E Series 19.2kpbs Data Radios.
  • Microwave communications network covering Yarwun to Gladstone to Awoonga Dam.
  • Redundant 900Mhz Ethernet network for fall back operation in case of Microwave failure.
  • SCADAPack RTU Equipment
  • Citect front end SCADA Software


Gladstone Area Water Board (GAWB) Equipment

  1. A detailed functional specification was first delivered identifying the communications network requirements, control, monitoring and reporting requirements.
  2. A radio survey was carried out and final communications network design delivery before installation of a Trio E Series (450Mhz) Repeater Station along with a Microwave network and redundant (separate path) 900Mhz ethernet network.
  3. SCADA Programming was carried out to integrate the outlying Citect Master Stations with the Centralised Citect System including Redundancy and operating all data over DNP3 protocol.
  4. Changeover of RTU sites to operate on DNP3 using SCADAPack RTU equipment and Trio Radio equipment.
  5. Implementation of the redundancy across the network to ensure failure of central repeater station would not mean catastrophic failure of the network.


Gladstone Area Water BoardThe final result is a best practice SCADA and telemetry system using the latest in communications and automation technology. This projects significant achievements include a highly complex communications network made up of over 7 separate microwave links and a redundant 900Mhz Ethernet network running on a separate path and using over 8 links. All this achieved in an area of Queensland that is particularly known for poor communications paths.