Bundaberg Regional Council – SCADA upgrade

Bundaberg Regional Council SCADA upgradeBundaberg Regional Council is responsible for Water and Sewerage assets covering the areas of Bundaberg, Gin Gin, Childers and Bargara on the Queensland Coast. Bundaberg Regional Council has around 150 Remote Terminal Units across the area monitoring and controlling everything from small sewerage pumping stations to treatment plants.


The objective of the Bundaberg Regional Council SCADA upgrade project was to replace the ageing equipment in Bundaberg City (Approximately 90 Remote Sites) with latest technology equipment integrated using best practice engineering and integration techniques. In addition, there was a requirement to integrate a system that could be extended to include the outlying telemetry and SCADA systems within the Bundaberg Region.

The main system has become fully operational and as a result the integration of the Bargara section is now being installed and will be fully functional by mid-2012

Equipment Used

  • Trio E Series Duplicated Repeater Equipment and E Series 19.2kpbs Data Radios
  • SCADAPack RTU Equipment
  • ClearSCADA Software


  1. A detailed functional specification was first delivered identifying the communications network requirements, control, monitoring and reporting requirements.
  2. A radio survey was carried out and final communications network design delivery before installation of two Trio E Series Repeater Stations operating wide band at 19.2kbps.
  3. RTU and SCADA Programming Design was carried out to the functional requirements and installation of Water and Sewerage Pilot sites was carried out successfully.
  4. Rollout of the remaining sites was carried out and continual analysis of the communications network was performed to verify the results of channel load calculations.
  5. Inclusion of remaining sections will be implemented gradually and as budget permits including the Bargara area, Childers and Gin Gin.