Alinta Energy – SCADA Upgrade

Alinta Energy is a diverse, yet established Energy Company with a long history of operations, investments and assets across Australia and New Zealand. Radtel Engineering was engaged to replace the existing SCADA system in Leigh Creek with a Citect based system, open protocol RTU’s and a digital communications network.


The objective of the Alinta Energy project was to implement a new, industry best practice SCADA and telemetry system whilst maintaining continuity of supply. The system involved 15 Remote Sites, 1 Radio Repeater and 2 Master Stations.

Equipment Used

Alinta EnergyRadtel Engineering worked with Alinta Energy representatives to select the most appropriate equipment for the application as follows:

  • Trio Digital E Series Base Stations and RTU Radios
  • SCADAPack RTUs with ISAGraf Control Code and peer-2-peer transfers
  • CitectSCADA Software


Alinta EnergyBefore removing the existing control systems the new Repeater network, CitectSCADA servers and a number of RTU’s were tested in situ. After the network could be confirmed as operational we were able to start cutting over individual sites to the new system making sure we maintained continuity of supply throughout the process.


The result is a new, fully functional SCADA system delivered on time and budget and using the latest technology RTU equipment combined with industry leading communications hardware. The last telemetry system lasted over 20 years so we will see if we can beat that!