WIOA 2013

WIOA is the organisation supporting the Water industry Operators and Engineers and again in 2013 Radtel will be heavily involved. Our parent Company, Automation Group is a prime sponsor of all three conferences in Canberra, Gold Coast and Bendigo. WIOA have personal and corporate memberships and we encourage you all to join.

Recently, at the WIOA annual general meeting, Steve attended and preseneted a paper on “innovation in the industry”. There were a number of questions and interest show from the attendants and we would encourage you to contact Steve directly for more information on the various innovations that he presented.  pipe voltage

An interesting safety talk was also presented by Bernd Vetter from South East Water in Victoria. He showed us a safety testing unit that all the site workers must have a look at. It indicated if the plumbing is alive electrically and can save workers from electrocution. See manufacturers website        http://glmcgavin.com.au/products/mini-water-pipe-tester-wpt.html

The Modiewark GLM Mini Water Pipe Tester is a universal pocket size proximity non-contact current detector, operating in the AC current range. The unit is pre-set to detect 2.1 amps and over.

The GLM Mini Water Pipe Tester has been designed for testing mains and secondary water pipes, in commercial and residential areas to detect a fault current over a pre-set current of 2.1 amps. The unit is designed for qualified and trained personnel in the electrical and plumbing fields.

Radtel Engineering are also supporting the WIOA Qld Yandina Charity Bowls day.
The proceeds will be directed to recently effected flood communities.

There are 3 WIOA conferences each year.

NSW Conference at Exhibition Park in Canberra             10th and 11th Apr
Gold Coast Conference at Southport Showgrounds         5th and 6th June
Bendigo conference at Bendigo showgrounds                   4th and 5th September

Operators deliver papers on lots of relevant projects and there are extensive

The Automation Group and Radtel Engineering will exhibit at all 3 conferences along with our sister companies Latitude Products & RN Baker Switchboards.

So please register and come along, these are really well run events and an unbelievable amount of information can be obtained from the trade plus your peers in the industry.

A note regarding WIOA, it is the Industry body for Water Industry Operators and also for your Water Engineers.