Radtel Telemetry

Radtel Engineering are a vendor independent integrator of SCADA and telemetry systems and as such are phasing out some of the propriety Radtel Telemetry hardware in favour of open technologies, these include many different RTUs and radios.

We want you to know we will no longer be producing propriety Radtel Telemetry hardware in larger production runs. What this means for Councils with existing Radtel Telemetry modules is that the cost of these modules will rise as “one offs” once stock is diminished and as such we are giving this opportunity for any Councils to place orders for this hardware before the end of August 2012, and still at the lower rates. Orders placed after September 1st will be at the higher rate due to the fact these units will then be “built to order”. This will also mean that delivery times of these units may be longer than you have previously been used to. We would like to suggest if Council is using these older Radtel Telemetry technologies then this month would be a great opportunity to stock some spares before the stock becomes limited.

It is most important that you do not feel we are limiting you,  if you have 5000, 3000 and 8000 RTU hardware this will definitely still be supported and as indicated earlier still be produced as “one offs” where needed. Just as important is the fact we have an upgrade path where more modern RTUs including DNP3 protocol and radios that can take their place so please don’t be concerned you are being let down in anyway. Our RTU and radio options are versatile and comprehensive giving our customers more options than ever before.

If you would like to order any 5000, 3000 or 8000 hardware at our current stock levels then please contact Dave or Steve.