Maintenance Update

Local Government Organisations in Australia provide an essential service to the local ratepayers and given this responsibility, it is essential that government organisations ensure maintenance is performed regularly and system support is available when needed. A number of questions about maintenance have been coming from our customers of recent times and a few have been addressed here:-

Q: Why do we need to do maintenance

A: Since 99% of our customers run essential services Radtel site maintenance is an important service to help maintain maximum up-time. Leaving your system unmaintained means that you will most likely be getting radios drift off frequency and could be dry joints and problems with batteries. While you may be lucky for a while, these issues could easily cause a complete system failure if allowed to progress. In addition, it is very difficult for our support team to diagnose real problems when the system is unmaintained and could have basic radio drifting issues, this often leads to customers being frustrated by the amount of time taken to diagnose and rectify problems.

Q: What is actually done on a maintenance service

A: A complete check of the RTU and communications equipment. Most importantly,  focusing on the communications and frequency alignment as well as power supplies, batteries, antennas, coax & signal strengths.

Q: I only have a small system do I really need this because its working fine.

A: The simple answer is size doesn’t matter, problems can still arise and so a small system still needs maintenance. Newer systems require maintenance every 2 years and older system each year. Without maintenance you can predict that your system will be unpredictable and this can lead to increased frustrations with supporting the system.

Battery terminals

Here is a good example of what happens with poor maintenance. The picture shown is at a current site (thankfully it was not one of ours) you can see the bad corrosion, but what you can’t see is the brand of Battery. The battery needed to be replaced, with a Radtel sourced battery. The terminals had to be cut off and replaced and we found that the charge voltage was too high and the battery emitted gas and it corroded. This site was not looked after by our staff but now it is part of a routine maintenance visit by Radtel.