ClearSCADA Add Ons

Did you know that Radtel are able to offer more features for your ClearSCADA than would generally be included in a standard implementation? In most cases, your ClearSCADA system has been integrated to replace the functionality of your orginal Radtel SCADA system but this new platform has much more power to unlock.

Here are a few add ons you may be interested in. Give us a call to learn more.

Out of Normal Operation Alarms

This is an alarm that gives your operators a warning when something is not operating as it usually would. In some cases the plant may be operating within “normal” prescribed limits and not setting off an alarm, in fact, appearing very normal. However in the background there is some abnormality that you need to investigate which traditional set-points or change of state alarming would simply not pickup.

Here is a simple example, a pump is taking longer to fill a reservoir than it normally does but no one knows because the reservoir eventually fills. Detecting that the pump is over running, an announcement would be flagged to operators so they could investigate long before it actually failed. We are sure you can make your own assesment on the significant cost savings that could be made in this area.

There are many examples that also include waste water pumping. These “derived” or “abnormal trend” alarms can pick up faults in equipment long before traditional methods. To have a flag that indicates an SPS is running to long can save on electricity as well as maintenance and breakdowns.

History Import Tool

After converting to ClearSCADA you might find that you need the data from the older system imported. Did you know that Radtel is able to import history from your old SCADA system or even from Excel sheets that have been manually compiled from environmental or other records, thus ensuring that your system is the complete data storage for all your reporting needs.

Reports and Business Interaction

Most organisations think of SCADA as the “operational tool” without considering the business requirements. Now with ClearSCADA implemented you can start thinking about how SCADA can be integrated into the way your organisation manages its business. Linking ClearSCADA with aspects of your business system could be very useful and  you can have 1 or many points or values available for view in your business system.  Imagine that signals from your flow meters could be influencing financial and operational reports, without the administrative time and error associated with manual collection.

For more information on any of the above contact Dave or Steve or contact us