RD2006 RTU

RD2006 RTUThe RD2006 is a modern RTU capable of operating on DNP3 networks and using high speed communications networks as well as Ethernet and standard programming languages.

The RD2006 comes complete with an inbuilt, upgradable analog radio for communicating in the existing networks before upgrading to communicate on a future, high speed network. In addition, the RD2006 is able to “drop in” to existing Radtel networks making it the perfect stepping stone to an open SCADA and telemetry system.

Radtel is able to provide the RD2006 ready to replace any existing 3000, 5000 or 8000 RTU with a minimal of installation time and we are even able to supply them “engineered” meaning that no Radtel engineer actually needs to attend site. The RD2006 can be easily installed by your own staff or local electrical contractor and will just plug in and continue to operate as the replaced unit did.

Once the RD2006 is installed the client has the option to use the internal logic functions to replace outdated relay or SCADA driven logic.

To find out more about the path to DNP3 technologies visit Progressive upgrades program here.

Download the Miri RD2006 documentation in the downloads area.